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  • Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Alliance Renewal Retreat at Westward Look Resort2017

  • Vera Shury Loves helping people

I am Vera Shury

And I love helping people as an expert in the following modalities;

Applied Neuroanthropology
Internationally Certified Fitness Therapist
Integrative Medicine Nutrition, Mental Health, Pain Management, Environmental
Congregational Health Leader
Parkinson’s BIG & PWR!Moves certified
Parkinson’s trained AZAPDA
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified American Heart Assoc. “Outpatient Quality Improvement Focus”
Black Belt Shotokan Karate
Close Quarter Combat Certified
Asian Kempo Gold Phase 1
Licensed Adult Care Home Manager
Safety & Security Expert
Silver & Fit certified

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Our mission is to ignite a better quality of life through fitness, recovery and safety techniques.


We envision a better lifestyle with integrated neuromuscular recovery principals.


We apply evidence based modalities in the most holistic and mindful methods

To Professionals

Your clients will be provided compassionately, with a better quality of life to support your prescription

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