Q1. What type of business is LIBERTY SCIENCE, L.L.C.? 
 It is a Limited Liability Coaching and Training Company. 
 Consulting is tutoring, guiding, providing suggestions, ideas, opinions, and solutions based on expertise and proven success. 

 Q2. What is the purpose of this business? 
 To support optimum results possible for minimum effort in quality of 
Lifestyle, and provide select tested, innovative products that make the process easier. 

  Q3. What is the key message or phrase to describe your business in one sentence? 
 We provide an instant, easy program to implement healthy, growth & change. 

  Q4. What is your product or service? 
 It is a scientific program that guides the person to better success with activities of Daily living. It is being safe. 

 Q5. Can you list three unique benefits of your product? 

 Q6. What is the product application? 
 The product is applied for Lifestyle at any point of diagnosis. 

 Q7. What led you to develop your product? 
 Our desire and compassion for an independent lifestyle carried over to a desire to help people that have restrictions; overcome them.

 Q8. Is this product or service used in connection with other products? 
 It is not necessary to use other products with this program. Though, we have found some items that make it even easier from an operational perspective. 

Q9. List the top three objections to buying your product/service immediately? 
 1. I/we are not ready. 
2. In Denial of rehabilitation benefits. 
3. Core belief that only decline is possible. 

 Q10. When will your product be available? 
It is available immediately. As a “Do it yourself” or with personal assistance. 

Q11. Who benefits? 
  People 2 to 102years old. 

Q12. How is your product differentiated from that of your competition? 
 We are solution oriented and excellent troubleshooters.

Q13. What is the pricing of your product versus your competition? 
 In the short and long run, it will be the most economical without compromising quality; keeping as self sufficient as possible is more economical than dealing with injuries. 

Q14. Are you making any special offers? 
  Yes, there are several free products that are included and total introductory discounts for monthly payments. 

Q15. Do you have the History that shows the programs ability to achieve goals? 
  Yes See the Success Stories and references.