Instructor Training for Parkinson’Strength

M.S.,Neuro Rehabilitation and Stroke©

Expand your service  resume’ while learning to individualize within the groups class.

by Vera Shury of Liberty Science

Training will consist of:

I  General guidelines for Parkinson’s Exercise

II Recovery and Parkinson’strength
A eye exercises
B breathing
C hands
D throat
E voice
F weight training

III Preventive Techniques for 
A Rising from chair
B Walking and turning
C Un-freezing
D bed- sleep mobility
E beneficial use of  walkers & other assistive devices

IV Range of motion improvement

V  Nutritional guidelines

VI Sleep

VII  Recovery after surgery or Hospitalization

VIII Aqua-Hydrogymnastics

Recovery of atrophied muscles is a very basic and important component of a Neurologic condition like Parkinson’s Disease, M.S., Stroke and fitness programs, along with range of motion, flexibility and balance techniques.

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