Parkinson’strength™ , an exercise program founded in Rancho Vistoso, Oro Valley Arizona, for people afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease , has been qualified for matching funds from the Arizona Chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (AZ APDA) to offer an ongoing program in Rancho Vistoso.

“Research shows individuals with Parkinson’s Disease can expect to recover atrophied muscles, increased immune function, increased balance, muscle awareness and motor control from a regular and appropriate exercise program,” states Vera Shury, PARKINSON’STRENGTH™ program director and a certified fitness trainer, with “John Argue Parkinson’s Disease Art of Moving certification”. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the AZ APDA and to have our residents enjoy the benefit of this proven method.”

The matching funds for members of AZ Apda to PARKINSON’STRENGTH™ was started to facilitate more community fitness programs to help people experience the improvement in quality of life and balance in addition to greater flexibility with exercise. This will allow residents lower rates and their caregivers may participate free.

PARKINSON’STRENGTH™, a program offered by Liberty Science LLC, is based upon the philosophy developed by John Argue in conjunction with Stanford Comprehensive Movement Disorder Center and the Department of Neurology at Kaiser Permanente. Since 1985, Argue has successfully worked to slow the progression of Parkinson’s by anticipating, delaying and preventing symptoms through exercise. “Animal models for Parkinson now suggest that exercise is neuroprotective, in that not only may exercise slow the progression of the symptoms, but it may reverse the degenerative process,” said Dr. Becky Farley, research Assistant Professor, University of AZ Dept of Physiology. An additional benefit of working in a peer group is the solution finding by sharing troubleshooting.