The Liberty Science methodology has proven to be well trained and experienced in aerobics, weight training and knowledgeable in geriatrics.

Thomas O Affeldt, M.D.

Parents have called to make sure their children get into your class again, because you are so wonderful with children.

Annemarie Medina, Supervisor Tucson Parks and Recreation

Manny will do for you what he will not do for me, or anyone else.

Mariann Fernando, R.N. (caregiver), Manuel Fernando, M.D.

I’ve been following your plan. It really helps to see it before me.

Maurice Spitz

“You taught me well, my journey has begun and I know that things will work out. 8/12/98 “I’ll be celebrating 5 years”

Sean H.

You have been a total inspiration to me, we are like sisters.

Tracey Bowman, B.A., M.T.

Thanks so much for all you are and all you do.

Susie Espinoza (owner) Chana’s Touch

This is a letter certifying and attesting to the fact that Liberty Science has been in the Cleveland, Ohio Business community as a Surety Agent, Alarm Business Owner, Consultant for Prisoners and Civic involvement over 25 years and has the respect of the Community for impeccable dependability, accuracy and integrity.

Ronald Mottl, Attorney, U.S. Congressman