Founder and CEO Vera Shury is passionate about quality of life issues to maintain an independent lifestyle. 

Nearly ten years ago she changed her career as a business executive,  to become a Certified Fitness Trainer. Invited to work with an underserved population of Parkinson’s clients, she added Fitness Therapy to her qualifications.Since then her commitment and sensitivity to the issues involved in the disease have increased her knowledge. She added a B.A. in Anthropology to increase her understanding of the impact of Parkinson’s and other Neurological issues on peoples lives.  

The methods that Vera has cultivated over the years have helped many clients delay the progression and improve their function. These are attracting attention as leading edge results in the field of neurological and neuromuscular rehabilitation.

An approved provider by the Arizona Parkinson’s Disease Association, Oro Valley Parks and Recreation, Tucson Parks and Recreation, doctors, physical therapists and trainers refer clients to Liberty Science.

As an Arizona licensed Adult Home Care Manager, Vera understands caregivers and their concerns as well.

An athlete herself she has a black belt in Shotokan Karate, has many 
medals in Senior Olympics, and rides in the Tour de Tucson to raise funds for the Parkinson’s Association.

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